Recently, you should have received the 2014/15 Grandview Community Directory. It’s the third time we’ve produced a full-size, full-color community directory as an at-your-fingertips resource for all things Grandview, Marble Cliff and 5xNW areas.

The first two editions were recognized nationally as the “Best Business Publication” for a community of our size. Impressive; even if we do say so ourselves! This edition should garner no less attention on the national level. The cover shot is colorful, and vibrantly eye-catching. It sets us apart from other community directories.

“I’m proud of this publication,” says Michelle Wilson, Executive Director of the Grandview Area Chamber. “Obviously, I’m grateful to our advertisers for supporting the publication, and thankful to the phenomenal design staff at ThisWeek News who puts the layout together so artfully.”

The Community Directory is used to promote the city and all we have to offer residents and visitors alike. It’s a beautiful representation of the area we all love to be a part of. It will be available at the Grandview Area Chamber, the Grandview Library, City Hall, Parks & Recreation and area hotels. There also is an updated map with a walking map on one side. The map is inside of each directory, but also is printed individually so it can be distributed to meeting attendees, class reunions, or individual visitors.

If you would like additional copies for your business or just to have one hand, please contact Michelle Wilson at