Thank you for covering our upcoming chamber merging, ThisWeek News. Read the full article from the merging of the Grandview Area Chamber of Commerce and Upper Arlington Chamber here.

Here’s the full press release regarding the merger, which will take place February 1 assuming the Grandview Area Chamber membership votes to move forward.

Local Chambers Collaborate To Benefit Members

The Grandview Area Chamber of Commerce and the Upper Arlington Chamber of Commerce are excited to announce a collaboration that will align the two organizations. Michelle Wilson, will continue her role as Executive Director of the Grandview Area Chamber as well as assuming the role at Upper Arlington.

The Board of Directors’ of both Chambers’ are confident this relationship will result in a tremendous value for the area businesses. In addition, this will create economies of scale and efficiencies, legislative leverage and a larger base of 700+ member businesses that will be part of this unique network.

“It’s all about value to the membership; business has no borders and having these two successful organizations working in harmony will be a huge asset to the current Chambers’ membership and the future Chamber members.” cited Michelle Wilson.

Jamie Gentry, President-elect of the Grandview Area Chamber concurs that a focusing on increased connections for our members is the goal of collaborating. Also in agreement, UA Chamber President, Peter Hahn, adds, “We would like to encourage the membership of both Chambers to become engaged and continue to build long lasting relationships that will help to promote your business. By taking advantage of these unique opportunities, members can directly benefit from the best of both Chambers and what their respective communities offers.”

Both Chambers’ board of directors’ are excited about the increased value and business opportunities this new opportunity will present to the members. Benefit from some enhancements will be seen immediately, such as joint events and increased marketing exposures.

As we plan for 2016, alignment of these two organizations should prove a smart economic move from a cost-saving standpoint, as well as increased return on investment for members.

Questions can be directed to Michelle Wilson at 614-486-0196, or