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Schraeder Law – Business Inspires

Inspired by the advocacy needed later in life by her beloved grandparents, Larae Schraeder started Schraeder Law LLC, to specialize in estate planning and elder law. Larae focuses on helping clients of all ages plan for the later-in-life issues her own family faced without legal counsel.

But that’s just where she is now. In our interview with her, we talked about her childhood experiences with helping family and how her years of night school have brought her to where she is today.

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The Financial Education Partnership – Business Inspires

On this episode, we spoke with Dan Bartholomew, an educator for The Financial Education Partnership. Dan is the immediate past president of the Tri-Village Chamber.

The Financial Education Partnership is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free educational resources to the public. Founded as a result of an urgent need to eliminate financial illiteracy, FEP has helped thousands of individuals become more fiscally fit by understanding financial pitfalls that they may encounter in their everyday lives.

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Cliff Original and Cliff Wellness – Business Inspires

Jared Friesner, Founder/CEO of Cliff Original and Cliff Wellness, is our guest on this month’s Business Inspires Podcast. Cliff Original started as an online only business initially, and now is available in retail outlets like Whole Foods. And in 2019, Jared expanded into Cliff Wellness Yoga Studio & Apothecary.

Cliff Original offers healthier grooming products for hair care, skincare and beard care. Paraben-free, sulfate-free, chemical-free and cruelty-free. Well crafted in Columbus, Ohio.

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Haven Collective – Business Inspires

In this episode, we talk with Melissa Blackburn, co-creator of Haven Collective in Upper Arlington (OH).

“We are also constantly doing events for our members,” says Melissa. “We’re committed to helping them grow personally and professionally and get out of their shell with some networking, but fun networking so that they can learn how to pitch what they do, and meet other entrepreneurs.”

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The Village of Marble Cliff – Business Inspires

In this episode we talk with Kent Studebaker, who is the current mayor of the Village of Marble Cliff. “We may be small, but we deal with everything every other municipality deals with just different economies of scale size,” said Studebaker.

“The smallness of the community doesn’t necessarily mean we’re sleepy. A goal of ours is to not be. I think the history of the village is very intriguing, ” he added.

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