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Versa Coworking – Business Inspires

April Zimmerman Katz, president of Zimmerman Companies and founder of Versa co-working spaces, joins us on our most recent episode of Business Inspires podcast. April’s specialty is creating exciting, functional interiors and spaces that suit the needs of a building while providing an engaging aesthetic.

She had a lot of space to work with in Versa’s location at 1201 Dublin Road, where we recorded this episode.

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Circle270Media – Business Inspires

Brett Johnson of Circle270Media sat down with Michelle for our most recent Business Inspires podcast! Circle270Media is the reason our podcast exists, so we were excited to get Brett on the other side of the soundboard to talk with us as a guest.

Brett discusses the power of audio, the future of radio, and why the medium can bring out such powerful stories.

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Golf Car Company at Digfest – Business Inspires

Sarah Volker of Golf Car Company joined us for a quick chat at Digfest 2018 for a special episode of our Business Inspires podcast.

You’ve seen Golf Car Company’s work if you’ve ever been to Red, White and Boom. They also work on a wide range of events including concerts and camping, even indoor events.

Listen for a glimpse into the business, and what to do when you need vehicles for your next event.

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Jason Design Studios – Business Inspires

The 17th episode of our Business Inspires podcast features Jason Willis of Jason Design Studio. Jason has worked with the chamber for years, even before it existed as we know it today.

Years ago, he put together the first full-size directory for the Grandview and Marble Cliff Chamber, which was nationally recognized as a standout directory for our size of community. Jason discusses topics including how working in advertising sales helped him get a feel for design and taking the big leap to start your own company.

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Destination Grandview – Business Inspires

The 16th episode of our Business Inspires podcast features Brian Cheek, executive director of Destination Grandview.

Destination Grandview promotes tourism in the Grandview Heights area. They boost restaurants, breweries, businesses, and other attractions with a variety of marketing tactics including events and partnerships.

Brian worked with a wide range of organizations in Columbus, including the Ohio History Connection, Wexner Center for the Arts, Experience Columbus, Columbus Dispatch, and more.

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Revolution Experiment – Business Inspires

Thirsty for startup stories and entrepreneurial insight? The 15th episode of our monthly Business Inspires podcast features Mark Tinus of Revolution Experiment.

Revolution Experiment is the company behind Karate Cowboy, a line of sake and grain alcohol blends with a range of flavors, and Simple Times all natural cocktail mixers. Mark talks with us about building networks, predicting consumer tastes, and what he learned with global companies.

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