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Versa Coworking – Business Inspires

April Zimmerman Katz, president of Zimmerman Companies and founder of Versa coworking spaces, joins us on our most recent episode of Business Inspires podcast.

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Zipline Logistics – Business Inspires

Walter Lynch of Zipline Logistics joins us for an illuminating discussion into this vital industry.

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Circle270Media – Business Inspires

Brett Johnson of Circle270Media joins us on the other side of the booth for our most recent Business Inspires podcast.

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Golf Car Company at Digfest – Business Inspires

Sarah Volker of Golf Car Company joined us for a quick chat at Digfest 2018 for a special episode of our Business Inspires podcast. 

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Total Quality Logistics at Grandview Digfest – Business Inspires

Special edition of the Business Inspires podcast from Grandview Digfest 2018.

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Jason Design Studio – Business Inspires

Jason Willis from Jason Design Studio sits down with us to discuss career paths, design, and working with clients.

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Destination Grandview – Business Inspires

Brian Cheek from Destination Grandview joins us to discuss what makes Grandview a vibrant tourism destination.

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Revolution Experiment – Business Inspires

Quench your thirst for startup stories and business insight with Mark Tinus of Revolution Experiment, the company behind Karate Cowboy and Simple Times Mixers.

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Bellisari’s – Business Inspires

Hear about launching a successful food startup brand with Annette Bellisari and Jim Miller of Bellisari's gourmet spreads and sauces.

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Grandview Dental Care – Business Inspires

Dr. Bill Thompson and Becky Thompson of Grandview Dental Care join us to discuss the Grandview institution as it approaches 40 years in the area.

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