The ninth episode of our monthly podcast Business Inspires features Steven Weaver, owner of The Candle Lab.

To run a successful business, you need resources, valuable connections and community recognition. This podcast will provide you with the inspiration to create the business that you envision.

Since 2007, Steve and Katesha Weaver have grown The Candle Lab brand around custom fragrance.

In 2009, they lost the The Candle Lab’s Grandview location to a fire that claimed multiple businesses on Grandview Avenue.

Now the candle lab has locations in Columbus, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh and recently reopened in Grandview.

Weaver discusses topics including:

Pursuing and eventually leaving his dream career in politics

I got my full dose of my first career and was ready for something new… I was running out of people that i wanted to help get elected… I had seen enough of the dirty side of politics that I knew it didn’t matter how well we conducted our business as long as you are dealing with shady characters, that eventually you were going to get sucked into that.

The evolution of The Candle Lab and “staying fresh” as a business

Ultimately your customers are going to tell you who you are and what they want from you. The businesses that can listen to that and adjust and adapt are the ones that are built for long term success.All of our moves have come directly from customers saying “hey have you ever thought about doing this?”

Working with your spouse

If you each have different jobs, you can lean on one another and share about your bad day and your spouse or significant other is there to support you. When you’re in it together, you’re both in there and you have to find other ways to cope with that, but the shared successes make that worth it.

Reopening on Grandview Avenue

We were in Grandview almost right from the beginning, and that community has been so great to us and we have a lot of really loyal fans there that have helped us over all these years. So to be back on the avenue in the space that we’re in, right in the heart of the mix, has been great.

Listen to Business Inspires Episode 9 and hear more about Weaver’s entry into the candle making business, challenges faced throughout the years and how to work with your neighbors when you enter a community.

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