The eleventh (!) episode of our monthly Business Inspires podcast features Amber Wilson of Fabtique.

Fabtique is a clothing boutique in Upper Arlington, and our 2017 Membership Drive grand prize winner. Fabtique was founded after Amber and business partner Pat Barker both ran into problems finding a specific niche in the fashion retail market in Columbus.

Amber joins us to discuss topics including:

What led her to start a business

I knew I wanted to get into something, start from the ground level and work my way up.

What she learned when opening Fabtique

You go with your gut instinct. whether you want to call it fate, whether you want to call it intuition, you go for it. We just said ‘let’s sit down and see where this takes us’ and it kept taking us to these great places.

Where Fabtique sources their style

We wanted to get brands you cannot find in Columbus. It forces us to find new stuff. We can also have local artists and designers… ultimately, Fabtique is going to be what our neighborhood and what our customers like and what they want to shop.

How to handle business challenges

You cannot be afraid of failure… or asking help from people, not being afraid to say ‘this isn’t my strong suit can you help me with this?’ or ‘I’m going to reach out and talk to this person’ or sitting down and saying ‘I need to do some research.’ Some challenges are just time based. Realize this is a short term issue, it’s going to get resolved, and you move forward.

Listen to the full episode of Business Inspires to hear Amber discuss opening Fabtique, responding to the community and going into business with a friend.

Stop by Fabtique in the Shops on Lane Ave!

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