The tenth episode of our monthly Business Inspires podcast features Brian Giunta, owner of Krema Nut Company.

To run a successful business, you need resources, valuable connections, and community recognition. This podcast will provide you with the inspiration to create the business that you envision.

In the decades since Giunta’s family purchased the Krema Nut Company, it has been been featured on The Food Network and in other national media. The company even appeared on Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood.

After years of working at Krema over holiday breaks, into college, and in the years since, Giunta continues the tradition of quality at this family-owned business.

Giunta discusses topics including:

What led him to embrace the family business

I talked to my parents about future growth, opportunities, the direction of the company… It was right when the internet was taking off, and what I really wanted to do with computers wasn’t there yet. I had an opportunity to build a website and start the e-commerce division for Krema.

Importance of community and the holiday season

All of our business is word of mouth. We’ve built a fairly good following… Right around now through December 25 we’ll do about half of our whole year.

National recognition

We have folks in California that will pay $40 in freight to get the case of peanut butter. And I suppose things are a little more expensive in California… I know we’re not the only natural peanut butter maker out there. We are one of the oldest, and I still think the best.

Company culture

Go in like you mean it, work like you mean it, make the best product. We always try to keep coming up with new products…keeping that fresh perspective. My grandpa always said the harder you work the luckier you get. It’s awesome hearing compliments like “we love your product” or “we had x, y and z and it was delicious.” There’s so much pride.

Sourcing quality

We roast every sort of nut you can think of. Whatever the best type of nut that you can buy is what we want to sell. If it’s not awesome, it doesn’t come in the building or on the shelf.

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