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Advanced Wellness Center – Business Inspires

Dr. Dan Ceballos practiced chiropractic for two years in Central Massachusetts before moving to Ohio. Now, Dr. Dan is one of the members of the Advanced Wellness Team.

Advanced Wellness Center is owned by Dr. Troy Walker and Dr. Heather Walker, who have practiced together in Columbus since 2003. The goal at Advanced Wellness Center is to serve the community the unique clinical services provided only by Chiropractors. They correct vertebral subluxations of the spine to allow your body to heal and stay active as we age!

Dr. Dan goes into detail on what makes Advanced Wellness Center’s care different, and unique for their patients. And get ready to cry a bit, as Dr. Dan relates a very moving happy outcome that happened with one of his patients.

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Better Business Bureau of Central Ohio – Business Inspires

The Better Business Bureau has about 2 million consumers that visit the local website each year. They use it to find businesses they can trust and find out about scams or bad business practices that might be happening in the community.

During the first weeks of the COVID-19 quarantine, there were collaborations with chambers, associations and some of the government agencies. The idea was that the BBB wanted to be able to drive the public quickly to the resources that they need. Since the pandemic shutdown, now moving forward, every small business is now a startup and has to think that way. The hustle and the grind. Every small business is in that world now.

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The Cleary Company – Business Inspires

Now at just a year at their new location and showroom, we talk about how The Cleary Company‘s 26 years in business helped them weather the COVID-19 pandemic with George Cleary (Founder and Owner) and Aaron Enfinger (General Manager).

They were classified as an essential business. But they knew they had a huge responsibility in keeping their clients and field employees safe. This included lots of research on safety measures, and following the suggested state of Ohio guidelines.

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ActionCOACH – Business Inspires

How do you effectively work from home? From the business perspective, it’s about accountability. Employee perspective, it’s about balance of work and family within your home. We had Peg Buehrle and Michelle Calcasola from ActionCOACH on for this episode because of their insights on how they help businesses see opportunities, rather than doom and gloom, during economic downturns. The business community as a whole is experiencing this now during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is imperative right now is for business owners to focus on the future. From the “essential businesses” perspective, there is still cash flow, but is still a stressful time. You still have employees, but you have to keep them safe. Why continue being a chamber member? You’re not alone, it is community. Plus, there may be chamber resources at your fingertips that you never realized were as valuable as they are right now.

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Brush Crazy – Business Inspires

Lisa Lofland and Lori Giffin are sisters, and the proud owners of Brush Crazy. Brush Crazy is a paint party studio offering canvas, ceramics, wood cutouts and wood signs. At their studio, you can paint what you want, when you want, or sign up for an artist-led class.

Lisa has always enjoyed art, and her sister Lori is a creative person as well. Lori loved taking classes at Brush Crazy, a business in Great Falls, Montana, that offers customers a chance to unleash their inner artist. They both grew up in Columbus, and they both came back to Columbus to be close to family and start this business together.

For more information about Brush Crazy, visit

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Robles Designs – Business Inspires

“For Entrepreneurs Hell-Bent On Taking Over The World.” That’s what you find as you land on Yasmine Robles’ website for her web design company, Robles Designs. With over 8 years of design experience within large and small companies, her passion lies in helping your brand flourish and embodying your personality.

Yasmine spoke with us about taking over the TVCP women’s initiative, balancing work and life, and her words of wisdom – “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

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Club Pilates – Business Inspires

This episode, we sat with Caitlyn McTigue, owner of Club Pilates in the Grandview Yard. Caitlyn fell in love with pilates, and soon found herself wanting to bring her love to the Columbus, OH market by purchasing a Club Pilates franchise at the beginning of 2018.

She talks about opening her first location, and how that has grown into the multiple locations it is today. Learn from her growth expansion pains and victories in this very insightful interview.

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Edgework Creative – Business Inspires

The business raised $25,000 through Kickstarter in 2015 toward the expansion and spent last year shopping for space until it landed on the Edgehill spot near Grandview Yard.

After kicking around a few possibilities Lindsay Remley and husband/co-owner/co-founder Alex Remley centered on Edgework Creative. She said the multiple meanings of edge – literal edge work that is done in the shop, pushing the edges, even the street name of Edgehill – felt like a natural fit. The creative part speaks for itself.

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La Tavola, Lupo and The Old Spot – Business Inspires

Not only are Rick and Krista Lopez the owners of La Tavola in Grandview Heights, but you can also enjoy their culinary expertise at Lupo in Upper Arlington, and The Old Spot in Grandview Heights.

In this episode, we get the story of how Rick and Krista began their restaurant adventures, and how each restaurant is successful, in part, due to their great staff and employees.

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