In 2016, two long-standing Chambers, the Grandview Area Chamber of Commerce (Grandview Heights and Marble Cliff) and the Upper Arlington Chamber of Commerce, merged to form the Tri-Village Chamber Partnership. Since that time, we have served the greater business community as one.

Mission: To promote and support an environment for the development, growth, and success of the area’s business community in Grandview Heights, Marble Cliff, and Upper Arlington. 

Vision: To be essential – to you and our business community.

Morning Perk at Heartland Bank

Morning Perk at Heartland Bank

We are a voluntary organization and we work to unite hundreds of businesses, professionals, community organizations, government leaders and individuals to build and even stronger community. Our goal is to connect members by offering opportunities to engage with each other, to grow together, and to save money and time through referrals and group discounts.

The foundation of our organization is based on four Core Values:

  • Relationships
  • Knowledge and life-long learning
  • Community
  • Service, to each other and alongside each other

To achieve our goals and honor our values, we:

  • Host events that allow opportunities to network and increase your connections
  • Arrange programming to educate you on topics relevant to your personal and professional life
  • Support your business with a community that wants to see you succeed
  • Offer opportunities to engage in community service and contribute to the greater good

The local Chamber of Commerce is often the first resource community members use for referrals on products and services. Our diverse and professional network of over 400 members includes businesses large and small, all working together to build a network of people that they know and trust.

If you are interested in finding out what the Chamber can offer your business as a member, please contact us. We’ll be happy to assist you!


I love the level of engagement to the community the chamber provides. As a lifelong resident of Upper Arlington and a local business owner of 7+ years, being involved with the chamber has been very rewarding. I value the friendships I have made through networking as well as the fun I have had through chamber events.

There is no better place to develop your business than partnering with the Tri-Village Chamber Partnership. All you have to do is “show up” at the awesome forums. Their forums include monthly luncheons, economic development meetings with the three city representatives and a host of new member meetings and Morning Perks for those members who can’t make the luncheons. I have met great people and developed new business relationships in the five years I’ve been a member. You get out of it what you put into it!

Ed Gallowitz, First City Bank

The Tri-Village Chamber is not only a great way to network and share the story of our business, Fabtique, but it is a support system of business leaders willing to help share their experiences with us to help us grow and succeed. I am always learning and feeling inspired when I attend any of the events, luncheons, and classes offered by being a Chamber member. A small community of Central Ohio making a BIG impact on LOCAL!

Amber Wilson, Fabtique

The Tri-Village Chamber Partnership is truly a partnership, bringing together local businesses, city and village administrators, and the community at large. From networking to cost savings to community involvement, every business in our area can find something of value. If you want to keep up with what’s going on in the local business arena, join the Tri-Village Chamber Partnership.