The 12th episode of our monthly Business Inspires podcast features Scott Humphreys, co-owner of 1400 Food Lab.

1400 Food Lab is a multi-purpose commercial kitchen space, serving as an incubator for food business start-ups, a test kitchen and food experience center.

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Scott joins us to discuss topics including:

Lessons learned in a 23 -year army career

You don’t do it alone…somebody’s got to stop and take a moment to show you something…help you go in a direction you didn’t realize was right in front of you and provide that opportunity. So everybody needs help.

Advice on transitioning careers

“Take the hard right.” Always when you’re given a choice “take the hard right.” Do the right thing no matter what and whether it seems like it will pay off or not. And when it happens it will. You can’t go wrong.

Teaching leadership as an adjunct professor and students’ different learning styles

I put together a curriculum for a semester on the tenants of leadership and characteristics of a leader and values. All those things you use as a leader in how to interact with your people to inspire and motivate them and give them direction. And then peppered in some life skills along the way. It was a very interactive course… What I found was there were some people that really flourished in the classroom. It took those people that were really timid in the classroom and took them outside and they were in their element. They flourished and they turned into leaders.

Taking over the shared-kitchen space and revitalizing the business

The goal was really to solidify what was there. Recapitalize the business and make it a place that you had some surety going forward that it was going to be there and you could grow business and make it even better than it was. And so that’s what we did. We improved the kitchen, improved the event space, really just from top-to-bottom went through the whole space and made it better than it was.

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